HelpDeskWiz Computer Support


The basic purpose of HelpDeskWiz is to provide instant computer solutions to Microsoft users who face problems on their computer. To ensure that we have the computer support to all problems related to Microsoft products, operating systems and software applications, we have hired Microsoft-certified professionals. These executives receive your call and provide you with the required answers promptly and with practiced efficiency. When you call HelpDeskWiz, you need not wait around to figure out when that call will be connected to someone who can actually solve your problem!


Areas of Expertise


The technical support team of HelpDeskWiz can handle issues related to Microsoft operating systems like Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 98 and Windows 95. In software applications, we cover all Microsoft products like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Expression Studio, among others.


Our computer solutions can be listed under these broad heads:


  • Notepads and Computers
  • Operating Systems
  • Software Applications
  • Scanners and Printers
  • Email and Online Chat
  • Virus and Malware
  • Network Connectivity


Operating System Issues that We Tackle


Here are some of the operating system issues that our computer support team tackles on Microsoft platforms:


  • Install and upgrade Microsoft Windows operating systems and software applications
  • Install and configure drivers for peripherals like printers, scanners and digital cameras
  • Conduct malware scans and remove virus threats from your computer
  • Improve performance of sluggish computers by cleaning registry files, desktop, etc


Computer Applications We Support


The professionals of HelpDeskWiz can work on any Microsoft-related software and applications. We are there for you if your Microsoft Word or Excel is not working right before an important office meeting. You can call us if you want to touch up your photos but cannot find the required feature on Microsoft Paint. In day-to-day use of Microsoft, you can get in touch for any problems that you face, anytime, anywhere. We will also work on combating malware threats and firewall settings for your Windows operating system. You can also call us when you want to attach a new printer or a scanner to your computer.